Those wascally wabbits are in for an education

Those wascally wabbits are in for an education. That is to say, I’m thinning the herd.

those wascally wabbits are in for an education

I have spent most of the summer on the road, hauling gravel. Some new to me equipment had arrived at the shack and it’s time to put it on the air.

During the shack renovation, I did a thorough inspection of my antenna system. I found portions of the outer insulation chewed off the entire length of the coax running to my GAP Challenger DX vertical.

Feed-line upgrades

I have bought new LMR400. Therefore, this will be the replacement coax. The feed line length is about 120 feet long. The first 10 feet will be RG-213 and will run from the shack, through the wall to the PolyPhaser coaxial lightening protector. In addition, the remaining 110 feet will be LMR400.

I will add a PolyPhaser coaxial lightening protector to the existing ground rod. Similarly, the DX Engineering universal copper grounding clamp will be installed.

The LMR400 is rated for direct bury, so, consequently it’s going below the surface. This will protect it from becoming a future buffet for hungry bunnies.

The weather has been unseasonably warm and dry this winter. Digging a shallow trench shouldn’t be too difficult. However, I was hoping it would become buried in snow to keep is out of the rabbits view until Spring.

I have a DX Commander Classic vertical on stand by to replace the GAP Challenger DX. Since we are so far into winter, it will now become a Spring project. Burying 1500 feet of radials is not an easy task in bone dry gumbo.

I will be thinning the rabbit herd. I have purchased a new .22 caliber pistol to aid with this. Rabbits make a tasty meal. So heads up all you wascally wabbits, you are in for an education.