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No more KX3 / KXPA100 - GONE!!

I have been pretty busy this year and with all the rainy weather that we have had, I have had no time to enjoy portable operations.

The only outing this year was for Field Day.

So after some serious consideration, I have decided to sell the KX3 and amplifier and replace them with something else.

I did some diligent research and budget planning, I finally settled on a Kenwood TS-590SG for the shack.

Field Day 2019

Haying season on the ranch usually starts during the first half of June and will go until the last field is cut sometime in July.

Springtime on the ranch

Spring has finally arrived on the ranch. It has been a tough winter to say the least. The weather was unseasonably warm during December and January.

February started out 65 degrees on the the 1st.....but then it got cold. The average high for the entire month of February was 13.6 degrees Fahrenheit. It was the 3rd coldest February on record.

During all that cold weather and frequent snows, 130 calves were born. Things got pretty challenging around here trying to keep all the new babies warm and dry.

Dits, dahs and a brand new key!!

I have been wanting to learn CW ever since I got licensed. I would start to learn it, stop for months on end, then start over again.

This last Field Day I sat down with a very experienced CW operator and logged for him while he banged out QSO after QSO. In less that 1 hour, I had two columns of exchanges written into the notebook.

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