FLDigi on Raspberry Pi 3

is an easy way to install the latest version of FLDigi onto your
Raspberry Pi. The whole process could take up to an hour to complete,
but the steps are easy to follow.
                    • Download the script here into your home directory logged in as “pi”
                    • Run the following command to make the script executable: sudo chmod +x pi3-fldigi-setup-4.0.16.sh
                    • Now execute the script: sudo ./pi3-fldigi-setup-4.0.16.sh
                      – This will create a folder named “HamPi-FLDIGI” in your home
                      directory. You can edit the script to change this file name to anything
                      you like.
                    • Now comes the fun part....like watching paint dry.

This has been tested on a
Raspberry Pi 3 model and takes about 45 minutes to an hour from start
to finish depending on how many updates you have to install for the
packages as well as how fast your Internet connection is.
note that as new versions of FLDigi are released, the 4.0.16 number may
change. Just make sure the version number in the above script is
EXACTLY the same as the version number you downloaded.