KX3 Digital Mode Setup

DATA A mode

Many audio-generated data transmissions can be heard on the bands, using PSK31, RTTY, Olivia, JT65, FT8 and the newest digital mode, FT8Call.

A computer, soundcard and appropriate software are normally used.

DATA A mode is provided for this purpose. DATA A mode disables compression and RX/TX EQ settings automatically. It also places the radio into USB by default.

To use this audio data mode:

            • Tap DATA twice and rotate the OFS/VFO B knob to select DATA A. Tap the switch again to exit the sub-mode display.
            • Connect your computer's audio output to the MIC jack.
            • Connect your KX3's PHONES jack to your computer's audio input. High quality shielded cables should be used. You may need an attenuator if the drive levels are too high.
            • Refer to your data communications software manual to determine how to set up the KX3's VFO for accurate frequency display.
            • While transmitting audio data, adjust the MIC GAIN for no more than 4 to 5 bars of ALC indication.

I find that the best method is to adjust audio drive levels and MIC GAIN to make 4 solid bars with the 5th bar blinking on the ALC indication. It takes a little finesse, but it can be done.