Wolf River Coils "SOTA Special"

I was looking around for an easily packable vertical antenna and the Wolf River Coils "SOTA Special" seemed like it would meet my needs.

This is a complete antenna system that includes a 66 inch whip (collapses to 13 inches), tripod, radials and a Mini coil. Just add a radio and feed line and your ready to go.

It operates 10 to 40 meters at power levels of 200 watts SSB, 100 watts CW and 25 watts Digital and it packs down to a fairly small size.

Using a Sark 100 MINI60 antenna analyzer, I can tune this antenna up on 40 meters with only a couple adjustments. 20 meters however, is not so easy for me.

I have tried and tried and only once or twice did I ever get it tuned up on 20 meters. I am NOT saying that this is a bad antenna, I think it's quite the opposite actually. I just haven't found the "sweet spot" for 20 meters yet.

The one thing I wish WRC would have supplied with this system, is kite winders for the radial wires. I have since added them to the kit and it makes life much easier when laying out the 3 thirty foot radials.

This antenna has been benched for the summer, but I am hoping to have some time in September to really get it dialed in and working on all bands.