Mountain Top QRP

Was such a beautiful day, so I decided to do a little Mountain Top QRP to test a new digital mode called JS8Call.

My gear loadout was an Elecraft KX3, QRPGuy's tri-band vertical on 20 meters. Headless Raspberry Pi 3B that was controlled by my 10" Android tablet.

A 10Ah LiFePo4 battery to power the radio and RPi3 and a Shakespeare Wonderpole to hang the antenna. I used 25 feet of RG-8x coax between the radio and the antenna.

I operated JS8Call for about 4 hours. Had a short QSO with W7SUA in Arizona and a nice long chat with KI6SSI in California. Also relayed a few messages to my friend in Creston BC, Canada thru KI6SSI's station.

Had a few other short QSO's. Not bad for a developemental software that only has a handful of users.

We had a very nice view too, while playing radio.