No more KX3 / KXPA100 - GONE!!

I have been pretty busy this year and with all the rainy weather that we have had, I have had no time to enjoy portable operations.

The only outing this year was for Field Day.

So after some serious consideration, I have decided to sell the KX3 and amplifier and replace them with something else.

I did some diligent research and budget planning, I finally settled on a Kenwood TS-590SG for the shack.

Having a 100 watt radio is a essential for my shack and I wanted one that will run digital modes without much fussing with cables and configurations. The Kenwood works nicely for this.

The radio will spend most of it's time running JS8 around the clock as a part of the AmRRON network.

For portable operations, I am planning on the purchase of an Elecraft KX2.

The KX2 has all the features I need for a field portable radio, without the bulk and unused features of the KX3.

This will save on valuable space when loading up the "bug out" bag.

Maybe later this fall I will get around to ordering the KX2 as it appears that I will have no time for portable operations anytime in the foreseeable future.